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Dunsters Farm Limited


Our online ordering website allows you to place your orders at a time and place convenient to you.


It is perfect for customers who are on-the-go and unable to phone their order in or who would prefer to place their order outside our normal telesales hours.  


Placing your order is simple:


Enter your username and password to start your order


Add products to your basket (don’t forget to grab your promotions!) and checkout.


Look out for an email from us confirming your order and delivery date.



Once logged in, you can quickly check your account, reprint copy invoices and statements, check out our promotions and read the latest news from Dunsters Farm.


To save you time, the site remembers the products you regularly buy and saves them as favourites so that you don’t need to search for them every time you log in. 


If you don’t have a login or are not currently a customer, just get in touch and we can set this up for you.